In what began as a well thought and contrived experiment to introduce Teams racing to Adelaide and Mildura Speedway just a month ago, has expanded to double the numbers of the riders and Teams involved and already become a huge success.

The initial double header meeting between riders from Mildura (Swindon Robins) and Adelaide (Leszno Bulls), which was only held at Mildura in early May, has now grown by two more teams, which will ensure the success of the series.

The Scottish, Edinburgh “Monarchs” and the Polish,” Falubaz Zielona Gora” clubs have both been in touch asking to have their teams now as representative teams in both Mildura and Adelaide.

Some revavping of the teams has been done to even up all four teams.

Justin Sedgmen becomes skipper of the new Edinburgh “Monarchs” while other local. Rider, Cooper Riordan, has been made captain of the Swindon “Robins”.

Queenslander, Zaine Kennedy will Captain the new Zielona Gora side while SA’s Rob Branford will be replaced, just for this month, by Queensland’s, Ryan Douglas as Captain of the Leszno “Bulls”.

Four reasonably even teams of six riders have been selected to represent the two Polish and the two Great Britain Clubs.

More riders are engaged and the new teams look slightly different to the first matches held.

The Edinburgh “Monarchs” will have Kane Lawrence at No 2, with Rob Medson at 3 and young Cowra rider, Ben Cook, at 4 with the Reserve positions being taken by Matt Pickering at 6 with Tom Dixon at 7 all supporting Justin Sedgmen at the No 1 spot.

Leszno will have Ryan Douglas as No 1 with Dakota Ballantyne at 2, Zane Kelerher will be at 3 while Scott Warwick-Day is at 4. Reserves are Brandon Coglan at 6 with Blake Ridley at No. 7.

For the Swindon “Robins”, Cooper Riordan will race at No 1, while Josh McDonald will be at 2. Matt Gilmore will race at 3 with Zach Cook at No 4. Reserves will be Jack Morrison at 6 while Seth Hickey will be at No 7.

For the second Polish team, Falubaz Zielona Gora, Zaine Kennedy will be skipper in No. 1 and will have Fraser Bowes at 2, Declan Knowles at 3 with Declan Kennedy at 4. The reserves are Aaron Jackson at No. 6 with Dayle Wood at No. 7.

Australian speedway lacks any teams training due to the vast distances between domestic Speedway tracks but Teams training has been talked about in Adelaide and Mildura for some time. Local star, Justin Sedgmen and Gillman speedway Manager, Dave Parker, are the two who have put the whole concept and program together which has been embraced by both Clubs.

Sedgmen and Parker have been rewarded by the International interest which has been created as two new overseas Clubs have asked to be involved should any expansion be forthcoming.

The other interesting contest will be the contest between the four Team Managers where Cam Woodward, assisted by Lyndon Schlein, will be in charge of Edinburgh while Nigel Sadler will take control of the Leszno team. Travis McGowan, a former SWindon rider will replace Cory Gathercole and will hone the skills of the “Robins” and Shane Bowes will take charge of Zielona Gora. It is expected that these Managers will all play “hard ball” and work as hard as they can for their teams.

This teams initiative is being followed closely right through Europe and England, as it gives an opportunity for Team owners and Managers overseas to observe what is happening on the other side of the World and to allow them to keep their eye on a prospective candidate for the future..

This Sunday, the two matches, Edinburgh versus Leszno and Swindon versus Zielora Gora will be run concurrently, so there will be no hold ups in the program as each team with have riders in another match taking part in the racing which allows double the time for between heat situations.

The Jason Lyons Cup will be decided on Sunday morning, starting around 10:00, so spectators are in for a most entertaining day watching both Junior and Senior competitors.

The Jason Lyons meeting will be an individual meeting with an outright winner taking the prestigious trophy from the humble Lyons. Jason enjoys to see the kids having fun on the track and enjoys the success of all riders as they learn more about speedway and improve their skills.

Gates will open at 9:30am with the Lyons Trophy starting first of all. The seniors, with all four teams engaged will continue from just after Noon and Senior Practice will be held interspersed through the Teams program.

A modest charge will be made for Adults only and good catering will be available from mid morning until the expected finish time of around 4:00pm. All are welcome

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